Andy Johnson made this Government Information (Public Access) request to Insurance & Care NSW

Waiting for an internal review by Insurance & Care NSW of their handling of this request.

From: Andy Johnson


Dear Insurance & Care NSW,

I would like to request a copy of all reports / documents delivered by consulting firm McKinsey & Company to icare since it was established.

Given the recent, significant public interest in McKinsey due to their controversial activities in anti democratic or corrupt governments such as South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia (1MDB), I request that the FOIA request fees be waived.

Yours faithfully,


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From: GIPA, iCare
Insurance & Care NSW

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Dear Mr Johnson,
I can confirm that the correct way to request this information is to make
a formal application to icare under the Government Information (Public
Access) Act 2009. You can do this by completing the attached application
and returning it by mail to the address listed, along with the $30
application fee.
Please ensure that you include enough information relevant to your request
to assist in processing your application.
I can confirm that an applicant is entitled to a 50% reduction in a
processing charge imposed by an agency, if the agency is satisfied that
the applicant is suffering financial hardship. However, the discount
applies only to the processing charge (if imposed), not the $30.00
application fee.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to respond to this
Kind regards







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From: Andy Johnson


Dear GIPA, iCare,

In light of the exceptional public interest in this matter, which I am sure you are aware of, I request that all fees be waived.

Should this not be possible, I would like to request an internal review.

Yours sincerely,

Andy Johnson

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