Leon Carter made this Freedom of Information request to Department of the Environment and Energy

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was successful.

Dear Minister for the Environment and Energy,

On Monday 20th August, 2018, a joint media statement by Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg was published on Josh Frydenberg's website, titled "Driving Power Prices Down."
The statement conceded that the energy market in Australia does not serve the interest of Australians, and outlined policies intended to reduce price gouging by the power industry, based on ACCC recommendations, including:
i) re-regulation of power prices, and
ii) Government underwriting investment in stable, low-cost, technology neutral power generation.

The media release, mentioned indirectly in several news reports, was briefly available at this address:

On Wednesday 22nd, just 2 days later, following yet another leadership spill, the document vanished, as if it had been vaporized.

Under the Freedom of Information ACT, I request a copy of Monday's joint media statement.

Thanks & Regards,

Leon Carter

Leon Carter left an annotation ()

I found a copy of the document hidden on Freydenberg's website.

I would therefore like to cancel this request.

How do I do that?

Stephanie Johnson left an annotation ()

Hi Leon,

You can withdraw simply by emailing the agency and advising them you wish to withdraw the request.

Good luck.


FOI Contact Officer, Department of the Environment and Energy

Hi Leon

It appears that the media release you are looking for is available here

Would you like to proceed with your FOI request for this document?

If not, let us know that you withdraw the request.


Alan Hilvert-Bruce
Senior Legal Officer| General Counsel Branch
Department of the Environment and Energy
a: GPO Box 787 CANBERRA ACT 2600
t: (02) 6274 2721
e: [email address]

Note: The contents of any legal advice provided by the General Counsel Branch is subject to legal professional privilege. Do not disclose the contents of any such legal advice more broadly within the Department (i.e. outside the scope of persons to whom the legal advice is (or was) directed), via the intranet or outside the Department without first consulting the General Counsel Branch.

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Dear Alan,

Thanks for the prompt response.
I also found a copy of the press release on Josh Freydenberg's site.

Please consider my FOI request cancelled.

Thanks & Regards,

Leon Carter