NDIA Investigations Policy and Procedure

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Please provide a copy of the NDIA's current Investigations Policy/ies and Procedure along with all prior versions. That is, all NDIA Investigations Policies and Procedures since 2013 until Jun 2021.


NDIA CEO Martin Hoffman discussed ongoing investigations at Senate Committee Proceedings on the 4th of June 21 [1]. Guidance advises that: “The Australian Government Investigations Standards (AGIS) establish the minimum standards for Australian Government agencies (agencies) conducting investigations. Where the AGIS are in conflict with law, the legislative requirement will prevail. AGIS applies to all stages of an investigation” [2], including additional guidance that “matters of a politically sensitive nature, deemed appropriate for referral to the AFP (Australian Federal Police), should be referred in accordance with the AFP’s referral guidelines. “

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1. Parliament of Australia (2021) Senate Committee: Community Affairs [Part 1], Official Recording of Senate Committee Proceedings from Australian Parliament, dated 4 Jun 21, 08:50am. Available at: <https://parlview.aph.gov.au/mediaPlayer....>. Accessed [9 Jun 21]
2. Australian Government (2011) Australian Government Investigations Standards. Available at: <https://www.ag.gov.au/sites/default/file...>. Accessed [9 Jun 21]

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