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Kingsley made this Freedom of Information request to Australian Federal Police

Australian Federal Police did not have the information requested.

From: Kingsley


Dear Australian Federal Police,
If someone has a criminal conviction, but has been granted a passport with knowledge of that conviction, does the Australian Federal Police contact and notify the overseas country that the person is travelling to of that persons conviction? If so, how much longer after the person has gone through Australian Immigration and Customs does it take to notify the overseas destination? Finally, if that person arrives at the overseas country, but is then sent straight back home as a result of the AFP notifying them, then will the AFP meet them once they arrive back in Australia? Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Kingsley Dawn

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From: FOI
Australian Federal Police

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Dear Mr Dawn,


RE: Your Freedom of Information Request


I refer to your email of 28 August 2013, seeking access to information
under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (the Act).


Section 15 of the Act sets out the requirements for a valid application
for access.


Unfortunately, your request does not comply with section 15.  The Act
allows for public access to documents held by a Commonwealth Agency. In
order to constitute a valid request, you must provide us with further
information to enable us to identify the document or documents you are
seeking. Regrettably, this team is unable to provide information in
relation to general queries without the request for a specific document or


Until such time as you meet the requirements set out above, your request
is not valid and the AFP cannot commence processing it.  If you are unable
to provide sufficient information to validate this request within 14
calendar days, the matter will be closed. 


If you require clarification of any of the matters discussed in this
letter you should contact the Information Access Team on 02 6131 6131.


Yours sincerely,

Tel +61(0) 2 61316131







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