Recovering debts pending review of decisions 109-04020000

Posty made this Freedom of Information request to Department of Human Services

Currently waiting for a response from Department of Human Services, they must respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

From: Posty


Dear Department of Human Services,

I request, under the Freedom of Information Act 1982, copies of the following documents:

All documents contained within the file "Recovering debts pending review of decisions 109-04020000" as listed on this page - referred to as your "Operational Blueprint" portal:

This includes all four "tabs" on the page -

"Background", "Process", "Resources" and "Training & Support".

This states it is "potentially" FOI exempt - a sort of quantum state as if nobody has actually observed it to determine whether it is or is not exempt. this needs to be rectified.

The preferred delivery format is by posting it on the existing page at the URL below:

Should there be any charges - please break down the estimated processing time on each of the previously mentioned tabs on the page - including the total of ALL decision making time.

In the interests of speediness, I am willing to consider Administrative Access to said documents should the document be provided within 30 days of the sending of this email. After this time - the FOI act applies as normal in all instances.

Please note - Part I, Item 5 of the Schedule to the Charges Regulations, which provides that a charge may be imposed in respect of a request for access to a document for time spent by an agency ‘in deciding whether to grant, refuse or defer access to the document or to grant access to a copy of the document with deletions, including time spent ... in examining the document’. However, under this provision a charge may not be imposed for the first five hours of decision making time.

Yours faithfully,

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