Dear Department of Home Affairs,

Wanted to know about the steps taken by DHA in curbing the fake EOI's submitted in the Skillselect System. the current EOI system has a major defect in which allow applicant to submit an EOI without any limit, in which means it will be easy to fake any information that the applicant current has and to claim an EOI with a high skills points.This defect will lead to a catastrophic consequence that there will be no genuine applicant can be invited.

Can we bring some validation like Passport Number or reduce the time for responding to invitation to 30 days or giving them only 1 chance. So that really deserved candidates would get the opportunity.

Yours faithfully,

Johnpaul Naveen

FOI, Department of Home Affairs


Good afternoon,

We refer to your email below.

The Department’s Freedom of Information Section manages formal requests for access to documents under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act). Your enquiry is general in nature, and this Section of the Department is unable to assist you.

Please note that the Freedom of Information Act 1982 provides a right to obtain access to “a document of an agency”. As such, it is not possible for the Department to provide responses to questions under the FOI Act.

Further information on how to contact the Department can be found on the Department’s website at:

The FOI Section is unable to assist you further and will not be actioning your email.

Kind regards,

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