Dear Australian Electoral Commission,

Under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 i request the following documents:
EasyCount Senate NATA Accreditation Report

Yours faithfully,

Morgan Bennett

Australian Electoral Commission

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Dear Mr Bennett

I refer to your request dated 15 April 2022 7:05 PM for access to
documents (your ‘FOI Request’) relating to EasyCount Senate NATA
Accreditation under the Freedom of Information Act 1982.


At the outset, I wish to apologise for the delay in processing your FOI
Request. Your FOI Request was overlooked in the rush of work undertaken by
the AEC following the issue on 11 April 2022 of writs for the 2022 Federal

Your FOI Request is now deemed to have been refused on 15 May 2022 as a
consequence of the operation of section 15AC of the FOI Request.

Scope of your FOI Request

I have taken your request to be for:

EasyCount Senate NATA Accreditation Report.

My understanding is that you seek only the final report and that you seek
it for latest time that the EasyCount Senate software was accredited.
Please note that the AEC accredits the EasyCount Senate Software each time
it issues a new version of the Software.

How your FOI Request will be processed.

Having regard to the guidance at paragraph 3.161 of the guidelines issued
by the Australian Information Commissioner under section 93A of the FOI
Act, the AEC will process your FOI Request and provide you with a
statement of reasons for the decision that it makes about the request.

We received your request on 15 April 2022 and the 30 day statutory period
for processing your request commenced from the day after that date. You
should therefore have had a decision from us by 15 May 2022. We will now
expedite the processing of your FOI Request.

Given that your FOI Request is deemed to have been refused, no processing
charge will apply.

AEC FOI Disclosure Log

Please note that information released under the FOI Act may later be
published online on our disclosure log
[1], subject to certain
exceptions. (For example, personal information will not be published where
this would be unreasonable.)

Contact with you

We will contact you using the email address that you provided. Please
advise if you would prefer us to use an alternative means of contact. If
you have any questions, please contact me using my contact details below.

Yours sincerely



Freedom of Information Team

Australian Electoral Commission

T: 13 23 26

E: [2][AEC request email]


[3]Australian Electoral Commission logo [4]Australian Electoral Commission


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privilege. Care should be taken to avoid unintended waiver of that
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From: Morgan Bennett [[FOI #8753 email]]

Sent: Friday, 15 April 2022 7:05 PM


Subject: Freedom of Information request - Request for EasyCount Senate
NATA Accreditation report


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Dear Australian Electoral Commission,


Under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 i request the following

EasyCount Senate NATA Accreditation Report


Yours faithfully,


Morgan Bennett




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