Review of DRT Processes and Actions

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From: Deus NonPareil


Dear Australian Taxation Office,

The request for a Work Value Assessment (FOI Release Log Ref# 1-H82QG1V) states that it forms part of "a thorough review of processes and actions" of the Debt Reduction Team. This request relates to those parts of that review other than the WVA.

Please provide the following information in relation to the review;
1. The officer(s) or area responsible for conducting the review.
2. Documentation directing that the review be conducted and it scope.
3. Policy, procedural, or communications documents explaining the methodology employed.
4. Evidence of investigation of the Debt Reduction Team's processes, procedures, work-types, roles, actions, and services.
5. Copies of written communication between those conducting the review and the Debt Reduction Team relating to the review; e.g. notification of the review, requests for information, outcomes, findings, etc.
6. Documents on how the value of the investigation's findings were assessed in relation to the business of the ATO.
7. Documentation on the outcome of the review and any explanatory notes.

Yours faithfully,

Deus NonPareil

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From: FOI
Australian Taxation Office

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Dear FOI Applicant,
Please see attachment.
Yours faithfully,
FOI Team

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