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From: Ben Frengley


Dear Australian Taxation Office,

I request the following documents relating to the Trusted Digital Identity Framework's accreditation process (as set out in the Trusted Digital Identity Framework specification) for the accredited identity services (identity providers and/or identity exchanges) provided by the Australian Tax Office.

I request the following documents (as set out in TDIF v1.3, Accreditation Process) for the period beginning January 2018 and ending June 2020, inclusive:
- Assessor Findings reports
- Reports covering technical integration testing
- Assessment Reports provided as part of annual assessments
- Exemption requests and related evidence

I also request the following documents (as set out in TDIF Release 4 v1.0, in the following documents: 03 - Accreditation Process; 04 - Functional Requirements; 07 - Annual Assessment) for the period beginning September 2019 and ending at the time of this request being lodged, inclusive:
- Statements of Applicability (03 - Accreditation Process)
- Technical Test Reports (04 - Functional Requirements)
- Privacy Impact Assessments conducted as part of the accreditation process (04 - Functional Requirements)
- Functional Assessment Reports (04 - Functional Requirements)
- Annual Assessment Reports (07 - Annual Assessment)
- Exemption Requests and related evidence (03 - Accreditation Process)

Yours faithfully,

Ben Frengley

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Australian Taxation Office

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Dear FOI Applicant,
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Yours faithfully,
FOI Team

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