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Dear Australian Electoral Commission,
If we are a Democratic country then why is it compulsory to vote? And also, why is the gov concentrating on the cities so much as to take pur eyes off the real problem which are our farmers, who need the money your giving to the councils to upgrade the stupid infrastructure, which is already ruined like Sydney. Were is the love

Yours faithfully,
Mr Joshua

Australian Electoral Commission

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Dear Joshua


Thanks for your question. In the same way that democracies have laws for
all types of things, under federal law, i.e. the Commonwealth Electoral
Act 1918, enrolment and voting are both compulsory.


If you would like to recommend changes to this law, you can contact your
representative in the [1]Senate or the [2]House of Representatives or
write to the Parliament's [3]Joint Standing Committee on Electoral




Sally | Public Enquiries Officer

Australian Electoral Commission

Ph: 13 23 26


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