what is being done at government level to increase funds for MENTAL HEALTH and reduce suicide in the Australian local community?

jay jackson made this Freedom of Information request to Australian Suicide Prevention Advisory Council

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Dear Australian Suicide Prevention Advisory Council, I am a member of Lifeline public group having lost firstly my first husband, father of my 3 children to suicide..he stabbed himself through the chest in front of my daughter due to lifelong battle of depression, sustained from childhood abuse by his vietnam vet father: my 2nd husband suicided with an overdose if anti depression tablets and alcohol ending in a 2 week coma after his motorbike hit a tree..he left behind three young boys..His depression and anger stemmed from childhood abuse from his father who was a Korean war vet who was mentally tortured. I have buried both of them and fight hard to keep my children focused and know they have chance at a better life and to stay strong with the assistance of regular psychiatric assistance and medication. WHO IS GOING TO BE THERE AT GOVERNMENT LEVEL TO ASSIST LOCAL MENTAL HEALTH AUTHORITIES FINANCIALLY TO SUPPORT PROGRAMMES SUCH AS LIFELINE..Go to Lifeline web page and you will read countless stories of family deaths and suicides over and over..stories from family members such as myself who are left to keep their remaining families together with little support than each other. AUSTRALIA NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT..MY GRANDCHILDREN NEED YOUR SUPPORT to give Australians a lifeline. WE want answers please!

Yours faithfully,

J jackson