Dear Accident Compensation Conciliation Service,
I, Rosemary Nemet, am requesting a copy of the Marine Accident Incident Report from Sandringham Yacht Club, Saturday 26 November 2005, yachts involved, Nightraider owned by Phil Sparrow and Flirt1 owned by Chris Dare at that time. The person injured was myself, Rosemary Nemet. I was thrown off nightraider from the hull as I was asked to stand up there to hold onto cunningham eye and boom, as in the gull wing position of the yacht a Chinese jibe wipsawed the main sale from left to right the back to left and tipped yacht over, feet first I lost grip causing me to fall and impact water between the boom, side life rail and back runner. After three failed attempts by nightraider who lost sight of me and lost control of yacht as ther was only Phil, Jody Pregnall and one other girl left to control their yacht as a result they hit and run over me from the point at front of yacht inpacted as it rolled over me to back of yacht where it hit my chin upercutting my head backwards sending me underwater for an eternity for the second time by Nightraider. A man overboard was actioned by Flirt1 and its crew, picking me up 'Rosemary' out of ocean after 30 or so minutes of combating 3 meter waves and 30 knots of wind. When they ferry me back to the Sandringham yacht club, no medical attention was provied for myself, Rosemary Nemet. This ordeal left me with permant spine injuries that I have had to fight the medical profession to get treated appropriatly to avoid life in a wheel chair and I have been treated poorly with no acknowledgement of this incidence. This yacht club failed its duty of care for me. I would like to request an apology after 16 years at least as non of the 7 lawers I've been too are willing to persue justice or compensation on my behalf from the syc. I have paid for all of my medical expences, and lost a great deal of dignity, mobility, notability and sufferd many years of chronic spine pain and PSD and loss of employment.

Yours faithfully,
Rosemary Nemet

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Lawyers not Lawers.

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Dear Ms Nemet
I refer to your email dated 21 December 2020.
The Freedom of Information Act relates to access to documents held by
Victorian Government Agencies.
In response to your email, we have undertaken a preliminary search of our
record management system and have not identified any files which relate to
you. The Accident Compensation Conciliation Service (ACCS) is a
conciliation service that helps resolve workers compensation disputes
between injured workers and their employers and insurance agents (please
refer to our website for additional information at
For the ACCS to hold documents concerning the accident you described, it
would have had to have been a workplace accident and as a consequence you
lodged a Request For Conciliation (RFC) with the ACCS. From the search we
have conducted this does not appear to be the case.
As a suggestion, it may be that Marine Safety Victoria
([2] holds the
documents you are seeking.


[3]ACCS Dale Mitchell
Chief Financial Officer/FOI Officer
Direct: 03 9940 1133
Accident Compensation Conciliation Service
Level 1, 215 Spring Street Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: (03) 9940 1111 | Freecall:1800 635 960

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