All communications including emails between Fire Rescue NSW management and Fire Brigades Employees Union in relation to vaccine mandates and Fire Rescue NSW vaccine policy

Currently waiting for a response from Fire and Rescue NSW, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Fire and Rescue NSW,
Please supply all recorded communication with Fire Brigades Employees Union (FBEU) regarding Fire Rescue NSW vaccine mandates and Fire Rescue NSW vaccine policy. This should include communications from and to FBEU state secretary Leighton Drury and all other union communications.
This should also include but not limited to emails from and to Fire Rescue NSW commissioner, executive leadership team and Covid incident management team.

Yours faithfully,
Tristan Tace

GIPA, Fire and Rescue NSW

Dear Tristan

This email response is confirming acknowledgement of your informal request for Fire and Rescue NSW information.

I will contact you in due course in relation to an appropriate response.


Information Liaison Officer
Legal & Regulatory Services
Fire and Rescue NSW

Internal Email: [email address]
External Email: [email address]
T: 02 9269 6447
1 Amarina Avenue, Greenacre, NSW 2190 | Locked Mail Bag 12, Greenacre, NSW 2190

I am currently working remotely Monday to Friday 8.00am to 4.00pm

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