Attempted suicides by children in care from 1997 through 2015

Mary Donahue made this Freedom of Information request to ACT Office For Children, Youth And Family Support

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Dear Office For Children, Youth And Family Support - ACT,

How long do you keep children away from their family when the family are keen to care for them and the children are repeatedly attempting suicide because they'd rather be dead than in care. How many children and how often do those children threaten or attempt suicide when taken from their family especially when they have a family who want to care for them?

Yours faithfully

Mary Donahue

CSD FOI, ACT Office For Children, Youth And Family Support

To Ms Donahue,

Thank you for your below email.

The Directorate has not been able to currently classify your below email as a valid Freedom of Information request. Your below email appears to be asking a series of question rather than seeking specific documentation. It is not possible to provide the data you are seeking for the period you have outlined, as it would be held on individual case files. If you are able to be more specific in the documentation you are seeking under the FOI ACT, the Directorate will progress an application.

Further please note that Child and Youth Protection Services takes children threatening or attempting suicide very seriously and if there is a specific child/ren you are concerned about you can contact 1300 556 729 or [email address]

Kind regards
Jessica Gotovac | Senior Freedom of Information & Privacy Officer
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