Evidence docs of pure isolated sars-cov2 virus as publicly claimed

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Dear Australian Broadcasting Corporation,

Please provided the documenary evidence in format such it can be verifed by an expert in virolgy to be genuine proof of a pure isolated sars-co2 virus taken from a person,
as is claimed to exist in the below report


To help ensure the correct doc of evidence are selected below should tighten the scope.
pure means - not mixed with other cells not cultured or computer emulated
isolated as per Koch's Postulates, Rivers Postulates tests which the evidence must pass in order to qualify as proof

Yours faithfully,

Dear Australian Broadcasting Corporation,

Chasing an answer to this request which is now overdue.
NSW health have answered they have no such proof, as have all other offices, depts, university's and govts that I have been able to discover.
So this request is directly for ABC
By law you should have answered by Oct 5 2021

Yours faithfully,


Dear Australian Broadcasting Corporation,

Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of Information internal reviews.

I am writing to request an internal review of Australian Broadcasting Corporation's handling of my FOI request: 'Evidence docs of pure isolated sars-cov2 virus as publicly claimed'.

An ans was due on 5th oct its now 20th nov & to date NO ans has been given.

The response to your request is long overdue. Note, by law, under all circumstances, the ABC should have responded by now.
Failure to respond will indicate to the public the low regard you hold for the citizens who fund your existence, and suggest a complete corruption of your internal staff.
Not a goal the ABC should aspire to after 2 years of failing to report the truth and hiding facts from the public while being mouthpieces for govt propaganda and fear.

All details of this foi will be made public at the end of the month.
Yours faithfully,


FOI ABC, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Dear verifysp


The URL provided by you on 20 November 2021 goes to an error page saying
“sorry, we couldn’t find that page”. We have looked up your profile on the
external website Right to Know - it shows you have made 3 FOI requests to
other government departments (refer here: 
[1]https://www.righttoknow.org.au/search/ve... )


If you would like to submit a valid FOI request to the ABC, please send
through the scope of your request and we will process it.



Kind regards,


[2]ABC Jordan Bramis
FOI Coordinator
E [3][ABC request email]

P  02 8333 3317






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