Harassment and public liability policies for this department dating as far back as 2008 up to and including present day policy to act in a professional manner to the public.

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Dear Queensland Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services,

I currently need to clarify what the requirements are for staff members working for this department to the public surrounding issues of harassment and public liability. I need this clarification for a matter I am currently in the middle of dealing with. Specifically I am interested in policies around drug screening, privacy invasion and at what point that line should be drawn? Also, I am interested in the policy surrounding unborn children and how early is so early that the public liability as a public officer interested in the safety of all individuals could be causing undue stress to a mother and her feotus inside her??

If you could please return this information to me before the 5th of November 2019, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you I hope to hear back with prompt diligence.

Yours faithfully,

Leah Leilani


Dear Ms Leilani

Thank you for your enquiry.

To enable the Department to provide you with a meaningful response could you please clarify your request and provide specific details of information you are seeking.

Could you please advise if you are able to respond or alternatively, how you would like to proceed.

Kind Regards,

Information Access and Amendment | Right to Information, Redress and Screening Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women

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