Hate crime against Muslim individuals and communities within Western Sydney from January 2013- January 2015

Benjamin Atkinson-James made this Freedom of Information request to Australian Federal Police

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The request was refused by Australian Federal Police.

Benjamin Atkinson-James

Dear Australian Federal Police,

I am requesting access to the number of Case briefs relating to any hate crimes perpetrated against or by the Muslim community within Sydney's western suburbs from the period of January 2013- January 2015.
I also request statistics on the Rate of Muslim hate crimes per year within Sydney's western suburbs from the period from January 2009 - January 2015

Yours faithfully, Benjamin Atkinson-James

FOI, Australian Federal Police

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FOI, Australian Federal Police


Dear Mr Atkinson-James

Thank you for your email.

It would appear that the documents you seek relate to NSW Policing matters. It is recommended that you make your request to the NSW Police Information Access Unit. Details on how to make a request can be found at:


Yours sincerely


Tel +61(0) 2 61312808 Ext 142808

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