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Implementing the Robodebt Royal Commission

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Frank N Fearless

Dear Services Australia,

I seek the Agency's report on implementing the Robodebt Royal Commission Recommendations which was provided to the Priority and Delivery Committee of Cabinet in May.

As has been officially disclosed by the Agency, the Royal Commission Response Branch was formally tasked with reporting on tracking and progress of recommendations, identification of risks and costs.

Yours faithfully,

Frank N Fearless


Thank you for contacting the Freedom of Information (FOI) team in Services
Australia (the Agency).


This email acknowledges your correspondence and provides some general
information in relation to FOI.


Administrative release of documents   

The Agency has administrative access arrangements ('the arrangements') for
the release of certain documents without the need for a formal FOI
request. If you agree to the release of documents under these
arrangements, we may provide you with documents under the arrangements,
where appropriate.  


Any parts of your FOI request that are addressed by documents being
released under the arrangements will be considered withdrawn. The
arrangements do not extend to information or materials of third parties.
You will be notified when documents are released to you under the


Personal information of Agency staff 

We consider staff details to be personal information of those staff
members. As part of the FOI application process, we will seek your consent
to exclude the following information from documents that may be captured
by your request:  

* names of Services Australia staff below the Senior Executive level
(junior staff) 
* direct staff telephone numbers, signatures, logon identifiers and
email addresses. 


If you consent to exclude this information, we will treat it as outside
the scope of your request and therefore irrelevant under Section 22 of the
FOI Act. 



No charge is payable for providing a person with their own personal
If you are requesting non-personal information the Agency will advise you
as soon as practicable if a charge is payable to process your request, and
the amount of any such charge. 


How we will send documents to you 

Unless you have requested to receive correspondence and documents relating
to your FOI request via post we will communicate with you via this email
address. Some documents may be too large to send to you via email. If
applicable, we will seek your consent to provide the requested documents
to you electronically via a secure file sharing platform. Please advise us
as soon as possible if you wish correspondence or documents to be sent to
another address, or if your email address changes. 


How long do I have to wait? 

We are required to answer your request within 30 days unless the time
frame is extended under the FOI Act.  

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Services Australia

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register and securely login to access your Services Australia PGP account.


If you encounter any issues, please close and reopen your browser before navigating to the URL again.

N.B. Due to resource constraints, each email is retained on the secure email server for 30 days only. Please save
any important information in appropriate local storage.

FOI.LEGAL.TEAM, Services Australia

2 Attachments

Dear Sir / Madam


Please find attached a decision dated 3 July 2024 in relation to your
request to access documents held by Services Australia under the Freedom
of Information Act 1982.


Yours sincerely,


Philippa, Authorised FOI Decision Maker

[1][email address]

Freedom of Information Team, Legal Services Division

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servicesaustralia.gov.au and icons representing our social media accounts.
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Aligning the bottom of the signature block is the Services Australia
indigenous artwork strip consisting of cultural elements depicting our
agency’s progress story for First Nations people.


Services Australia acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the lands we
live on. We pay our respects to all Elders, past and present, of all
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nations.


Please note: This email and any attachments may contain information
subject to legal professional privilege or information that is otherwise
sensitive or confidential. If you are not the intended recipient of this
email, you are prohibited from using or disseminating this communication.
If you have received this communication in error please notify the sender
immediately and permanently delete this email.



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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Frank N Fearless please sign in and let everyone know.