Is providing a voice print when using the Human Services Call Center mandatory ?

Ian King made this Freedom of Information request to Services Australia

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Dear Department of Human Services,

When interacting with the Department of Human Services call center, specifically the 132 850 number, is it mandatory to have to make a 'voice print' ?

When placing a phone call to Human Services, early in the automated call center process, the system reads a script to the caller which states that the caller will be given a 'choice' to make a voice print.

However the caller is not given the option to decline making a voice print, but is immediately instructed to 'repeat a phrase' in order to initiate the voice print recording.

If the caller remains silent, the system repeats the request to repeat the phrase.

If the caller remains silent a second time, then the system gives the caller the option to say the phrase "don't do this now".

Only after saying "don't do this now" is the caller able to proceed with the call and bypass making a voice print.

The system clearly does not give the caller the option decline from making a voice print upfront, and only presents an option to 'delay' making the voice print some way into the process.

If it is mandatory for callers to the Human Services Call Center to make a voice print, please could you provide me with a reference to the legislation which enables this.

Yours faithfully,
Ian King