Malcolm Fazer Stole the 1950's pension fund money

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Dear Department of Human Services,

In the 1950's a pension retirement fund was set up where the workers had to pay ex amount of money into the fund for the day they retired.
research that was carried out suggests there was billions of dollars in it and the Governments were not allowed to borrow or use any of this money in any way with the exception of Paying pension on retirement for all pensioners.
It has also been noted that the workers are still paying these fees to pay into the pension fund.
Now it appears that a Prime minister since that time and I do know which one, Stole all that money when he was Prime minister and used it somewhere else.
My question now is Why has that money to this very day not been reimbursed back to this retirement fund when it was illegally moved and used for other things?
In My book that must surely be Theft.
The Turnbull Government is further trying to cut back on pensioners funds yet he has inherited the theft from the 1950's by being the current Prime minister.
Where is the Money and when is it going to be refunded for the purpose it was intended for from an extra tax on the workers for that purpose.

Yours faithfully,
Vic Sturgeon

Gunjo left an annotation ()

I am also interested in this question and believe gov should pay back the money (in today's rate). Two documents I found are and
Thank you for seeking information about this matter but I doubt you will get much from government records except for a pile of double talk.


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Suzanne Furneaux left an annotation ()

I would like to know if given as this day 20th August 2017 that it has been found current Politicians have broken Section 44of the Australian Constitution through arrogance,ignorance,incompetence,disdain or a combination of all 4 and if past Politicians that voted to change and spend the money in our the Australian Taxpayers Welfare Fund were 100% Australian Citizens if it is found they were not then I would like my Pension reinstated as any changes must be deemed Invalid and in Breach of our Australian Constitution the law is the Law and unless it is up held we will be a Country in Anarchic . I would like via Freedom of information act proof that every vote on these changes was in line with Section 44 of our Constitution , Kind Regards Suzanne Furneaux

Gunjo left an annotation ()

Perhaps request the signed document which authorised the transfer of funds from the pension fund to another account and any other documents such as Memo's, letters, contracts, minutes of parliament discussions, records of decisions, anything that related to the movement of monies.

James Baldwin left an annotation ()


You have made an annotation to another person's FOI request. There is no guarantee that anyone from DHS will see it, as it hasn't been sent to them, just marked on someone else's request, that is finalised as far as DHS is concerned.

You need to go to the top of the page and click on 'Make a Request' to get the request through to DHS. Otherwise it won't be sent to them.

Good luck.