Rates for pension, supplement, energy supplement and thresholds (as indexed)

Mark R. Diamond made this Freedom of Information request to Services Australia

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

This request has been withdrawn by the person who made it. There may be an explanation in the correspondence below.

Dear FOI Contact Officer,

I am seeking documents regarding the Age Pension that show (a) the maximum basic rate of the pension, (b) the amount of the pension supplement, (c) the amount of the energy supplement, (d) the thresholds for the assets test, and (e) the thresholds for the income test at each applicable indexation day since 1 January 2005.

This seems like the kind of thing for which there is likely to be a easily accessible public record of the documents I'm looking for, or perhaps a single document (e.g., spreadsheet) that aggregates the information over a number of years. Unfortunately I haven't been able to locate anything relevant.

I'd be grateful if you would, in the first instance, deal with my request as an administrative request and, if possible, simply point me to a publicly accessible set of documents that fulfil the request, even if only partially. For example, I might be being overly optimistic in looking for a set of documents that go back to 2005; if you can point me to, or provide me with, something that is more limited (say, only the last 7 years) that would also be good.

Yours sincerely,

Mark R. Diamond

Dear FOI Contact Officer,

I write to withdraw the administrative access request that I made yesterday. I continued the searches that I had done previously using various search engines, and haply included the word 'historical' which turned up much of the information I was looking for at:




If the information proves insufficient for my research, I'll lodge a new requests.

Yours faithfully,

Mark R. Diamond


Dear Mr Diamond

We confirm that we have treated your request as withdrawn as of yesterday.


Employment Law and FOI Branch
Legal Services Division
Department of Human Services

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