Schedule of Documents for LEX 45443

Currently waiting for a response from Department of Veterans' Affairs, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Department of Veterans' Affairs,

On 22 November 2021 the Department issued a FOI decision and statement of reasons for FOI reference number LEX 45443.

Paragraph 21 of that decision stated that the FOI had captured 238 documents, which the Department had already taken 25 hours to search and collate ("Searching and collating documents has taken 25 hours"), and that it would take 10 hours to prepare a schedule of documents listing those 238 documents.

In that FOI decision, the Department did not provide a document schedule as is normal.

As a FOI is for documents I apply for the first page of each of those 238 documents, but exclude any of the 238 documents that is just an email or draft or duplicate as irrelevant to the scope of this FOI.

Now the Department could consider and assess each first page of these less than 238 individual documents already collated by the Department, but as I only desire the document schedule itself, the Department could significantly reduce the time required to process this FOI by producing such a document schedule under s 17, and it would not be necessary to assess and consider anything but the title/subject of these less than 238 individual documents (given emails and drafts and duplicates are excluded). That saves everyone time and effort.

If the Department does not wish to do this, then I specify that for each first page of the less than 238 documents in scope (since emails and drafts and duplicates are excluded), all details other than the title/subject of the document are irrelevant and not required to be considered for release.

Yours faithfully,

Verity Pane

INFORMATION.LAW, Department of Veterans' Affairs

Dear Ms Pane,


I refer to your FOI request, received by the Department of Veterans’
Affairs (the department) on 14 January 2022 , for access under the
Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) to the following:


I have understood your request to be a request for the following documents

·       Referring to LEX 45443 – The first page of each of the 238
documents referred to in the decision. You wish for any document that is
an email, draft or duplicate to be excluded.

·       You are seeking a schedule of documents and that you give
permission to the department to prepare a document of schedule.


Your request was received by the department on 14 January 2022 and the 30
day statutory period for processing your request commenced from the day
after that date. The period of 30 days may be extended if we need to
consult third parties or for other reasons permitted under the FOI Act. We
will advise you if this happens.


Your address


The FOI Act requires that you provide us with an address that we can send
notices to. You have advised your email address is
[1][FOI #8307 email] Unless you tell us
otherwise, we will send all notices and correspondence to this address.


Exclusion of employee details


To the extent the department has documents in its possession that fall
within the scope of your request, we will treat the names, signatures,
position titles and direct contact details of Commonwealth employees as
irrelevant in accordance with section 22 of the FOI Act, unless you tell
us otherwise by 24 January 2022


Further assistance


If you have any questions about your request, please email
[email address].


Yours sincerely


Oliver (Position Number 62329530)

Information Access Officer

Information Law Section

Legal Services and Audit Branch

Department of Veterans’ Affairs

e [2][email address]




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1. mailto:[FOI #8307 email]
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