Internal systems of control and audit dates

Witherspoon made this Freedom of Information request to Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Currently waiting for a response from Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, they must respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

From: Witherspoon


With reference to the Fraud and Corruption Control Plan 2018-20 (FCCP):

I would like to see:
1. completion dates of Assurance and Audit Committee reviews since 1 January 2016 as per ss. 6 & 7.6,
2. completion dates of AusIndustry Support for Business divisional fraud risk assessments since 1 January 2016 as per ss. 6 & 7.6,
3. all Incubator Support Initiative internal audit reports by Legal, Audit and Assurance as per s. 14.2,
4. all Incubator Support Initiative compliance reviews as per s. 14.4, and
5. all Incubator Support Initiative audit reports that address:
- insider threats as per s. 5.4, or
- employment screening as per s. 13.2, or
- leave policies as per s. 13.3, or
- conflicts of interest as per ss. 5.2 & 13.4, or
- cyber and digital awareness as per s. 5.5, or
- ICT compliance as per ss. 13.5 & 14.5.

Please note, items 1 and 2 pertain to dates only, whereas items 3, 4 and 5 request the actual reports.

Please exclude any duplicate documents or documents that mention the subject matter but are not final audit reports.

Yours faithfully,

Harry Witherspoon

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From: Freedom of Information
Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

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Dear Mr Witherspoon


We refer to the attached Freedom of Information request received by the
Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (the department) on
10 September 2020.


For documents that fall within the scope of the request, it is the
department’s policy to withhold:


·       the names, signatures and contact details of departmental staff
who are not in the Senior Executive Service (SES);

·       the mobile phone numbers of SES officers; and

·       the names, signatures and contact details of ministerial staff
below the level of Chief of Staff.


The names and other details of SES officers will be released unless the
information is exempt from disclosure.


If you require the names or contact details listed above, please let us
know by return email at [1][email address], otherwise we will consider
that you agree to that information being excluded from the scope of your


Personal Information

In relation to third parties and other Commonwealth staff, to enable more
timely and cost effective processing of your request, please confirm the
scope of your request excludes 'personal information' (e.g. the names and
contact details of any individuals, or any information that could
reasonable identify an individual) contained in documents.


If you are seeking access to specific types of personal information,
please clarify.


We look forward to your response at your earliest convenience but no later
than 22 September 2020. 


If you have any questions, please contact the FOI team.




FOI Team

Legal, Audit and Assurance | Corporate & Digital

GPO Box 2013, Canberra ACT 2601

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From: Witherspoon


Dear Freedom of Information,

I require the details of APS employees.

Yours faithfully,


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