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JCTEC Partially successful.
OFFICIAL Dear Jeremy, I refer to your request seeking access to: a) all meeting records of the Joint Commonwealth and Tasmanian Economic Council aft...
Thank you for disclosing the information previously withheld via a s47C exemption. Yours sincerely, Trav S
Contract: Cth tender ID CN3668489
Response by Australian Taxation Office to John Smith on .
Partially successful.
  Dear FOI Applicant,   Please see attachment.       Yours faithfully,   FOI Team     Dear Applicant, A decision regarding your FOI reques...
Response by Department of the Treasury to John Smith on .
Partially successful.
Thank you for your email, which has been forwarded to the Department’s FOI Team for their consideration. A member of the FOI Team will respond to you...
Dear Mr Fairless   Please find attached the administrative release letter relating to your request for access to documents held by Services Austra...
My section 96
Request to Woollahra Municipal Council by Elena Russo. Annotated by Posty on .
Uhh nice house?
OFFICIAL: Sensitive Good afternoon, Please find attached letter in relation to your FOI request. Regards, Freedom of Information Division Governanc...
COVIDSafe statistics recieved by DTA
Response by Digital Transformation Agency to Chris F on .
OFFICIAL Hi Chris, See attached our decision on this request. Regards, Morgan --  Freedom of Information Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) Austr...
Thank you. Yours sincerely, John Smith
Parking Infringement Data FY 2017-2019
Request to Stonnington City Council by Ben Hill. Annotated by Posty on .
the first five hours of processing is meant to be free if I recall the FOI act correctly, thus no charge should have been rendered. maybe local council...
This is a very commendable response from the department given the original request.
COVIDSafe installation counts or statistics
Request to Department of Health by Chris F. Annotated by Posty on .
This information was provided under the different request -
UNOFFICIAL   Dear Ms Boon-Kuo   FOI Request: FA 20/01/01226   I refer to your FOI request received on 31 January 2020, seeking access to t...
Dear Mr Sweeney,   Please find attached APRA's Notice of Decision dated 6 July 2020.   Regards,   FOI OFFICER T 02 9210 3000 | E [1][APRA...
Dear Megan Thank you for your prompt reply. I now see that the audited financial statements were incorporated into the Annual Report as well as the...
UNCLASSIFIED Good morning   FOI request FA 20/06/00932   I refer to your FOI request below.   The Department has made a decision on this...
Dear John Thorogood, Under the RTI Act 2009, Council has 25 business days to process your application. Your decision due date is 16 July 2020 as speci...
List of Accredited Sponsors
Response by Department of Home Affairs to Ravi on .
Partially successful.
UNCLASSIFIED Dear Ravi   FOI Request FA 20/06/00144   I refer to your FOI request received on 1 June 2020 seeking access to the following:...
UNCLASSIFIED Good morning We refer to your FOI request FA 20/02/00738, in which you have requested access to the following document: UNCLASSIFIED...
Terry Carney - Termination email
Follow up sent to Administrative Appeals Tribunal by John Smith on .
Thank you, your work is appreciated. Yours sincerely, John Smith
Behavioural Change Survey Questions
Follow up sent to NBN Co Limited by Aaron Rathbone on .
Muchly appreciated for the FOI response. Have a good day. Yours sincerely, Aaron Rathbone
UNCLASSIFIED Dear Ms Jefferies   FOI Request FA 20/01/00730   I refer to your FOI request received on 17 January 2020 seeking access to the...
Move to end Chinese relations
Follow up sent to Wagga Wagga City Council by Sarah on .
Thank you for your prompt and helpful reply. Kind regards, Sarah
Hello Kemal I deeply apologise for the length of time it has taken to respond to you. I have been following up and making enquiries with the different...
McKinsie final reports since 2013
Follow up sent to Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet by John Smith on .
Partially successful.
Thank you for your work. Yours sincerely, John Smith