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** This is an automated response. Please do not reply to this email ** IMPORTANT INFORMATION   Your email has been received by the Department of...
Ok checking as of now the FOI disclosure log has up to page 3 with all of the documents
Dear Mr Sweeney   Please find attached my letter to you.   Kind regards,   Jeremiah Leong Freedom of Information Officer, Chief Legal Off...
Dear Ron   I had previously indicated that I would complete my preliminary view in this matter by mid-January 2019.   Unfortunately, I have no...
This is a freedom of information request - not pure feedback. From memory the FOI guidelines state that you must attempt to supply documents (shou...
Dear Mr Brown I am emailing in regards to your request made on 27 January 2019 to the Department of Health (the Department) seeking access to document...
Senate Estimates Briefs
Response by Department of Veterans' Affairs to Julie on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear Julie   Please find attached a response to your complaint dated 20 December 2018.   Yours sincerely     [1]cid:image001.jpg@01D446AF....
Compliments of FOI disclosure log
Response by Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet to Posty on .
Information not held.
UNCLASSIFIED Dear Posty,   Please find attached correspondence in relation to your Freedom of Information request. If you have any questions, pl...
Dear RTI applicant, I refer to your email below where you are seeking information regarding Building Relaxation and outcome/approval for a Corinda add...
Dear Posty,   Please find attached the decision relating to your freedom of information application.   Your FOI application also requests ‘all...
Parliament of the Commonwealth 2
Request to Attorney-General's Department by Jim Gray. Annotated by steven on .
Exactly, spot on, perfect explanation. "thumbs up"
Compliments of FOI disclosure log
Response by Department of Industry, Innovation and Science to Posty on .
Information not held.
Dear Posty Please find the attached correspondence in response to your FOI request of 31 December 2018. Should you have any queries, please contact t...
Compliments of FOI disclosure log
Response by Department of the Treasury to Posty on .
Information not held.
Dear Posty The Treasury are responding to the request you submitted seeking: All email (or the last 3 years, if that is too voluminous) sent to the...
FOI Delegations
Response by Minister for Home Affairs to Ben Fairless on .
Awaiting classification.
UNCLASSIFIED Good afternoon Mr Fairless We refer to your email of 9 January 2018, the contents of which are noted. We appreciate that your request wa...
Refugees resettled from Indonesia
Follow up sent to Department of Home Affairs by Asher Hirsch on .
Long overdue.
I agree to the request for an extension of time. Yours sincerely, Asher Hirsch
Remuneration of key management personnel
Response by Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet to Name withheld on .
Awaiting classification.
UNCLASSIFIED Dear Sir/Madam   I refer to your request to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (the Department) for access to documen...
Changing of birth name Awaiting response.
Dear Sir Madam My name is Darren Marsh born on 4th of September 1971 I am the father of April Lily Bridget Burnham born on the 15th of September 20...
APSC in the FWC
Follow up sent to Australian Public Service Commission by M Poler on .
Thank you for your response and the quick turnaround. Yours sincerely, M Poler
Response by NSW Police Force to Leonard Nicholson on .
Awaiting classification.
Hello Leonard, In order to make a request for NSW Police Force information, an applicant is required to submit a completed 'Formal Access' applicati...
Dear Asher Wolf Thank you again for your FOI request to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) in relation to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome re...
Police callouts to 51 Knight st, Withers WA
Response by Western Australia Police to Anonymous Pseudonym on .
Awaiting classification.
Good morning, Thank you for your email received on 21 January 2019 requesting access to documents under the Freedom of Information Act 1992 (the FOI...
UNCLASSIFIED Dear TD Freedom of Information Request I refer to your email dated 26 December 2018 in which you requested access to documents held by D...
Information about the Balmain Leagues Club development
Request to Inner West Council by Hanna Moore. Annotated by David Hunt on .
1. There is a preDA in progress as of January 2019. This will be the seventh DA for the former Balmain Leagues Club property at Victoria Road Rozelle....
Water Quality Data at Penrith Weir
Response by Water NSW to Jacqui Gabriel on .
Hi Jacqueline,   Thank you for your enquiry. Attached is an Excel file that contains our routine water quality testing results for Penrith Weir at...
Documents released on the DHS Disclosure Log
Response by Department of Human Services to Vera Lystich on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear Ms Lystich,   Please find attached the requested documents from the Department of Human Service’s disclosure log, LEX 17265 and LEX 34602....