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Sex offenders registry for my area
Request to NSW Police Force by Alix. Annotated by Posty on .
I consider requests for payment a refusal where it's clear that due to the length of time the requestor has left this dormant, no further action will g...
Public servants access to ‘top up ‘ hearing aids
Request to Comcare by Geoff Griffiths. Annotated by Posty on .
The requestor failed to email reply clarifying the phone change of scope. - thus withdrawn, of which there is no status - therefore refused.
Flu Immunisation Safety Studies
Request to Department of Health by Alissa Pattrick. Annotated by Posty on .
The dept would consider this withdrawn as the requestor did not reply in the timeframe, hence 'refused' is the only closest status. 'abandoned' would...
Foreign Investments In Australia
Request to Office of the Australian Information Commissioner by Andy Downunder. Annotated by Posty on .
Information not held.
Good lord, leave the OAIC alone, they have enough to do. there's better answers in prior annotations.
Request to Australian Trade Commission by JAMES STANTON. Annotated by Posty on .
The law
Request to Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet by Michael. Annotated by Posty on .
Information not held.
What even is this
I deem a charge of $340 an effective refusal where the requestor has not updated the request in a long time.
Person who reported the ranger to book me
Request to City of Canada Bay by Rose. Annotated by Posty on .
Request to Tasmanian Department of Justice by Ian Punt. Annotated by Posty on .
TDIF Accreditation documents
Request to Digital Transformation Agency by Ben Frengley. Annotated by Ben Frengley on .
I have submitted a request for an OAIC review of this decision, with the following reasoning: The DTA has decided that the documents are exempt under...
Amount spent on pencils 2017
Follow up sent to Department of the Treasury by John Smith on .
Information not held.
Thank you. Yours sincerely, John Smith
Thank you for your email in which you invite me to withdraw the FOI request. I accept the invitation to withdraw. The ABCC Commissioner has a resp...
UNCLASSIFIED   Dear Mr Stone,   FOI request FA 20/04/01289   I refer to your FOI request received on 30 April 2020, seeking access to the...
All fines issued under The Dog Act.
Response by City of Fremantle to David Sheedy on .
Dear David   Under the rules of the Office of Information Commissioner in WA, FOI Applications require a $30 application fee to be paid before we...
OFFICIAL   Dear Mr Wilson   Please find attached the decision in relation to your request for internal review.   Yours sincerely    ...
Dear Mr Purcell   I am writing to you regarding your access application made under the Freedom of Information Act 2016 (the Act) received by EPSDD...
UNCLASSIFIED Dear Mr Baumann FOI request FA 20/04/00962 I refer to your FOI request received on 20 April 2020, seeking access to the following:...
Generator and Control Panel Manual APD800
Response by Department of Defence to RPO on .
Information not held.
UNCLASSIFIED Good morning, Thank you for your inquiry. Please note searches have been conducted in both Army and Capability Acquisition and Sustainm...
Dear Mr Stanhope   Please find attached correspondence in relation to your Freedom of Information request.   Kind Regards   Freedom of Inf...
Minister preference
Response by Department of Home Affairs to John Smith on .
UNCLASSIFIED In reply please quote: FOI request: FA20/06/00447-R1 File number: OBJ2020/19008   Dear Mr Smith,   This email is to acknowle...
Good afternoon Mr Stillwaitingaftermorethantwoyears I am responding to the email the City of Bunbury received on 11 June 2020 with the subject line: F...
Hi Lachlan, Please pay the application fee if you want to proceed with an FOI request. Once you have done that, I will check with the relevant area of...