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Prior to 1 July 2019 ASIC staff were subject to the Public Service Act 1999. Subsection 13(9) provides: (9) An APS employee must not provide fa...
In a letter dated 31 March 2009 I lodged a complaint with ASIC on the advice of APRA. I had been seeking access to the original Trust Deed and ame...
The BlackLivesMatter organisation's co-founder claims to be a trained marxist in an interview widely promulgated on the Internet. An example can b...
All fines issued under The Dog Act.
Response by City of Fremantle to David Sheedy on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear David   Under the rules of the Office of Information Commissioner in WA, FOI Applications require a $30 application fee to be paid before we...
Terry Carney - Termination email
Follow up sent to Administrative Appeals Tribunal by John Smith on .
Thank you, your work is appreciated. Yours sincerely, John Smith
Had baby on the highway on the 10th July 2019 at 8.59am
Response by Ambulance Tasmania to Taylor Lee Leaman on .
Awaiting classification.
Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups: [1]RTI requests at Ambulance Tasmania ([Ambulance Tasmania request email]) A problem occurred dur...
OFFICIAL   Dear Mr Wilson   Please find attached the decision in relation to your request for internal review.   Yours sincerely    ...
I would like to see: 1) all emails and SMS messages received by regional incubator facilitator Daniel Smith (TMINUS ACCELERATOR) from any Departme...
I would like to see the Incubator Support Initiative 'MedTech's got talent' grant application. Grant details follow: GA ID: GA35362 Agency: Dep...
I would like to see: 1) all meeting dates of the ISA Entrepreneurs' Programme Committee from 1/6/2016 until 25/6/2020 and 2) all meeting agend...
Incubator Facilitator contracts
Request sent to Department of Industry, Innovation and Science by Witherspoon on .
Awaiting response.
I would like to see the following contracts (including any amendments): CN3495925 - TMINUS ACCELERATOR and Department of Industry, Science, Energy...
BCG and COVIDsafe
Response by Digital Transformation Agency to Andy Johnson on .
Awaiting classification.
OFFICIAL Hi Andy, Please see attached a letter about your request for internal review. Regards, Morgan --  Freedom of Information Digital Transfor...
AusTender contracts
Request sent to Administrative Appeals Tribunal by John Smith on .
Awaiting response.
I request a copy of the following contracts between Launch Recruitment Pty Ltd, and the AAT. They are identifiable by the following CN IDs on AusTen...
Heritage assessment
Response by Department of the Environment and Energy to John Smith on .
Awaiting response.
Dear Mr Smith Freedom of Information Request no. 200603   The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (the Department) acknowledges...
National data of planned or available technologies per-premesis.
Request to NBN Co Limited by tx. Annotated by Henry on .
Withdrawn by the requester.
Tim, The data you are requesting is already available in a similar format:
HFC Speed Tiers
Response by NBN Co Limited to Henry on .
Awaiting response.
NBN Classification - Commercial Dear Henry Thank you for your response. I will revert to you in due course. Regards Rohan Singh Senior Legal Counse...
Dear Jaay-H   FOI Request – Reference – 2020/05   I refer to your request below for documents under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI A...
Behavioural Change Survey Questions
Follow up sent to NBN Co Limited by Aaron Rathbone on .
Muchly appreciated for the FOI response. Have a good day. Yours sincerely, Aaron Rathbone
Response by NSW Sport and Recreation to Chris on .
Awaiting classification.
This is the mail system at host I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not be delivered to one or more recipients...
Implementation of the Digital Continuity 2020 Policy
Response by National Archives of Australia to Sarah on .
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OFFICIAL Our Reference 2020/1731   Dear Sarah   I refer to your request for access to documents under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (F...
OFFICIAL   Dear Lucas   I refer to your FOI request outlined below, seeking access to any internal reports, and/or internal reports and briefs cre...
Contracts between Launch Recruitment and the AAT
Request to Administrative Appeals Tribunal by John Smith. Annotated by John Smith on .
Withdrawn by the requester.
Request withdrawn and remade, with narrower scope
I do not consent to pre-emptive redaction of details from documents I have requested. If Services Australia decides to refuse access to parts of d...
Contract: CN3566971
Follow up sent to Australian Trade Commission by John Smith on .
Thank you I await the outcome. Yours sincerely, John Smith
Thanks for the FOI Acknowledgement. Can this document just be uploaded to the operational portal? This would save the Department a lot of time. Yo...